defining a designer and illustrator

The industry of the cities to the natural wonder of the country. The modernized present to the captivating past. Pen and paper to stylus and screen. A wealth of differences and the takes on our perceptions of one world. That is the fuel that fires the imagination, with a constant thought to the future that steers it in the right direction. The designer is the helmsman of creativity.

There are many routes that guide creative specialists, and the long list of experiences and stops along the way not only inspire but also help define the character and therefore the product they provide their client. By providing such services, by reaching within those experiences to establish something new, the creator continues to grow. And, if such an arrangement is an ongoing collaboration, so does the client.

Though impossible to chart every nuance along these traveled paths, landmarks stand out to summarize the destinations and how they were reached. In addition to the samples on the home page, here are a few more details of my experience:

professional experience

Freelance Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Detroit MI / Chicago IL - [1999 - present]

Currently providing regular freelance work for Beretta Music and Purple Duck Games

  • branding, logo design, and graphic elements for print and web

  • design and layout for promotional material and products

  • illutrations and illustrative graphics for independent or supporting creative elements

Psychopathic Records, Inc.

Senior Graphic Designer [4/2002 - 5/2008]

Senior Graphic Designer [asstistant event merchandise manager / sales rep]

  • branding and logo design for company and internal clients

  • graphic design, layout, and illustrative support for product concept and promotions

  • quality assurance of outside production

  • graphic support and layout proposal for websites [including original copy text]

  • photography and direction of photo shoots for products and promotional material

educational background

Wayne State University

Education - Detroit MI

College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

  • bachelor of fine arts

  • major in art

  • graduated 1999, cum laude

  • focus in graphic design

performance / capabilities


Work Experience [office and independent]

Taking "ownership" of each project for the best outcome

  • over 10 years experience providing illustrative work in analog and digital formats

  • 6 years experience in graphic design in a corporate setting, with 3 years as a freelance contractor

  • experienced with providing designs/illustrations for print, web, and fashion application

  • self-starter that can bring a project from concept and proposal to final product and production

  • proven capacity to think outside the box, providing clients with end-products that exceded their expectations

  • understanding of branding guidelines and the ability to work within and develop new templates

  • experienced with team endeavors and client collaboration

  • forward-thinking to fully realize future direction of projects and their applications

  • capable of prioritizing and completing multiple projects at once

  • capable of working under pressure to meet tight deadlines

  • strong skills in communication, problem-solving, and organization


Proficiency and Familiarity

Experienced with Windows and Mac OS [preference for Windows]

  • proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite [Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign]

  • proficiency with MS Office [Word, Excel]

  • penciling and inking experience with digital colorization techniques

  • copy writing experience

  • HTML/CSS experience

  • photographic experience